The Sunrise Kid – More stories, half-truths, and too-lazy-to-check ‘facts’ about some of my favorite tunes

Some folks think the Bee Gees are synonymous with “cheesy.” I was watching this TV show the other night called Black Mirror, a sci-fi series about tech gone wrong.

In the story a couple are driving through the countryside in their car and the husband claims that he likes the Bee Gees.

The wife replies, “You dick… you always hated them.” The actors are from the UK so I guess the term “dick” is normal there.

Later, the husband goes out driving alone, has a terrible accident, dies, and the grieving wife purchases a robot to replace him.

At first, the wife is delighted with the robot. He looks just like her late husband. Even sounds like him.

An intimate moment with the robot – Black Mirror – “Be Right Back”

But after a while, the wife becomes dissatisfied with the replica. A turning point comes when she and her robot-husband are driving and the Bee Gees come on the radio.

The robot says, “cheesy…”

But the real husband – whose funeral has passed – had said he liked the Bee Gees, so the robot messes up.

And the robot keeps on messing up, until the wife just can’t stand it any longer.

“YOU ARE NOT MY HUSBAND,” she eventually cries as her fantasy relationship with the bot goes entirely sour.

I won’t tell the end, because that would be a spoiler. But here’s the tune that first threw the robot’s cred into question:

Years ago I heard a radio interview with one of the surviving Bee Gees.

Can’t remember which particular one but he said that although the Bee Gees were seen as a bit of a joke around the world, they actually sold zillions and zillions of records and – if I got this right – were second only to the Beatles, Elvis and Michael Jackson in total worldwide sales.

I don’t know if that’s 100% correct, but you get the drift.

The Bee Gees were BIG, even if folks sort of giggled when they came on. 🙂


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