The Sunrise Kid – How an entire song can be crafted around one killer sample

It’s coming up to the end of the year and I was hoping to find a tune to wrap up my retrospective, Reelin’ in the Years.

But looking over the charts I didn’t see anything that really grabbed me—that is, to be called a fav and actually write about.

So looking back a couple years I dug up this video.

Driving thru my neighborhood at night to the 24/7 supermarket – which i LOVE! – I heard this song over the FM.

The bulk of the song isn’t too much different from a lot of Top 40 stuff out there.

But the digital sample “Thunda”… now that caught my ear.

It’s so wonderfully facile. Like bubble gum. Or a woman being turned into a plastic Barbie doll. The producer shifts the note… not sure if it’s an octave or not. And it just WORKS so well.

Funny that that is what I remember most from pop music over the past couple years.

One killer sample!

Thunda… thu thu thunda… 🙂

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