The Vinyl Guy – Teacher I Need You (Elton John) + Bonus – I’ve Seen The Saucers (Ditto)

Here’s one literally from my childhood. I was living in this old Toronto house in Moore Park; it had a fantastic 3rd floor with two big bedrooms and a high sort of barn-shaped roof.

The wooden flooring made for great acoustics up there, and two of my sibs had nice modern stereos – for the 70s – which I would listen to when they were out.

I recall hearing this tune on my sister’s stereo. The whole album caught my attention, even though it has only two major hits… ONLY! Well, for Elton John… who really was IT during that period and a few years after… two seems almost modest.

Not an outstanding tune. But you can discern the tight songwriting and fine lyrics that would catapult Elton John and Bernie Taupin even further into the Rock and Roll stratosphere in years to come.

This second tune arrives a year later. “I’ve Seen The Saucers” is on the same LP that contains the famous, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.”

I could play the latter by ear on the piano. Pretty easy. But there’s no way I could play this one! (My keyboard skills are pretty limited):

To me, this is one of Elton’s most underrated songs. Maybe because it deals with esoteric topics (UFOs). Or maybe it’s just “close but no cigar” as hit material. I’m not sure.

If by chance you’re not an Elton fan, then you probably haven’t read this far. I can understand why some folks think he’s a bit “light.” But at his best, I think Elton could have been a fifth Beatle (if the chronology wasn’t all messed up).

And that’s a huge compliment!

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