The Vinyl Guy – New music series for vinyl fans – Today… MINORS ALOUD

Here’s a tune featuring Lenny Breau, a musicians’ musician who spent many years in Canada before being discovered by some US studio cats. He was called down to Nashville, I believe, to do this album.

Breau had a tough life marked by drug addiction which he managed to overcome towards the end of his career. He was found dead in a swimming pool. But here we see him in his element, smiling and happy (circle image).

Buddy Emmons has a long resume. He’s played with the best in country music. He’s also featured in the excellent PBS video series “Country Music” by Ken Burns.

I’m cutting in here just at the end of a song because it leads so nicely into the next, “Long Way to Go”:

I borrowed this album from a friend who happens to be a musician. My former guitar teacher also admired Lenny Breau. I recall listening to the tape on my brand new Sony Recording Walkman as I journeyed through the night in Peterborough, Canada. It was one of my first sublime moments listening to music at night, outdoors. Many more such moments would come. But this tune, as I say, was part of the beginning.

So even though I don’t listen to it too often these days, it has a special place in my music listening history.

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