4FUN HITS – Traffic – Rock & Roll Stew

After becoming sort of obsessed with loading up mp3s for the wheels, I got sick of that and decided to go back to my collection of old school CDs.

Not only do CDs sound better than mp3s, they’re also a lot quicker and easier. No wasting time transferring songs to your memory stick. Just grab the disc and you’re good to go.

So the other night – instead of going to Church that day – I decided to go for a night drive and listen to some of the tunes that were important to me in my youth.

This is one of them. Actually, most of the album was pretty important to me. But this song stood out the other night.

The lead vocalist is not the big star, Steve Winwood, but rather Jim Capaldi, the drummer. He’s a damn good drummer and has played with the best.

I don’t think Capaldi is exactly remembered for his singing. But I like it. Especially the thick 70s reverb on his vocal track. You don’t hear ‘verb like that these days.

Moving through the song, a truly wicked lead guitar comes in with Winwood at the helm.

Winwood is not usually exalted for his guitar playing but I think he’s great. His phrasing is second to none. True, he doesn’t do speedball riffs like so many others. But he CHOOSES his notes so carefully.

And to me, that makes all the difference.

What are you thinking?

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