Put the pedal to the metal cos I’ve gone country

Living in Toronto can be a horrid experience. Not only do we lack a truly happening local arts and culture scene but the concrete and traffic are getting out of hand.

The only saving grace of living in this city – actually there are two – saving GRACES are the wonderful diversity of everyday people and the public library, which is world-class.

George Jones has such a rich, emotional voice. Hard to believe I’d never heard of him just a few weeks ago.

When I was dating someone in the country I had a nice place to stay. But after that fizzled, I was forced to take long drives with no overnights, which after a while started to get too stressful.

So… if you can’t get to the country, why not bring it to the city?

I find that listening to 60s and 70s country music classics takes me into a zone when life was simple and there were more open spaces.

It’s an escape without escaping, as it were.

An ontological shift without having to shift gears.

Beautiful Connie Smith


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