Almost fell for the consumer urge today…

Heck, I was raised in Canada and like toys just as much as the next person. Thing is, if I run out and buy and then realize I don’t need a thing, it ends up feeling more like a dead weight than a toy.

Almost every day I look at superstore ads for computers. It’s interesting to watch the marketing trends and sometimes downright misleading ads. I also look at Craigslist fairly often and am getting pretty good at discerning the good deals from the ripoffs posted by fly-by-night operators.

One of the computers I’m using right now came from Craigslist. At first, I thought I was ripped off but after taking it apart and reassembling it, everything worked fine. A loose connector, I think.

So the joke was on the jerk who tried to rip me off.

Today I came close to reserving a brand new machine. I had the web page open, I was clicking away at the buttons. And then something just said NO. STOP.

So I did.

Turns out I had a great night listening to music on an older computer while also using Remote Desktop with my best computer.

Sounds a bit complicated but basically I was using two computers – linked – at the same time, and getting everything done very nicely.

Someday I probably will bite and buy a new computer when the specs and price are right.

But until then, I’ll be mixing, matching and patching older PCs together in the most creative of ways.

Which is sort of fun in itself!

What are you thinking?

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