Druggie Dream in Count of Monte Cristo

The dreamer is stoned on hashish given to him by the Count

After trying out a whole bunch of e-reading options I have pretty much settled on Calibre. I know that I lauded ReadEra a few days ago. And it is a great app. But my tablet isn’t all that powerful and would crash every now and then when I did complex operations. Also, the screen on my tablet is a shiny, slightly glary glass which, I came to realize, hurt my eyes after a while.

Calibre works with a PC, and my PC monitors are much easier to look at.

I have customized the background and text colors to match those of Sumatra PDF Reader, because I find those colors excellent.

TextColor = #5f4b32

BackgroundColor = #fbf0d9

And I use Real VNC so I can read the book anywhere in the home from whatever lesser PC I may choose. (One runs Win XP! That’s in the basement and is my ‘laundry’ computer.)

It’s a pretty ideal setup. And I am delighted that I can really get back into a novel again.

I used to read sci-fi as a kid and stuff like Hermann Hesse as a youth, but as I drifted into academia, almost all my reading was of the scholarly sort.

When I returned to novels I found that I had almost lost the art of appreciating a good work of fiction.

With Calibre you can look up words online or simply search a term or phrase with a simple click. It’s pretty amazing.

I’m going slow and looking up everything I don’t know.

That may be a place or a word.

With Google images the landscape of the Mediterranean comes to life. So it’s almost like combining reading with TV and education.

I’m having a ball and am totally hooked.

Regular TV is beginning to look like superficial trash compared to the many treasures I have found at the Isle of Monte Cristo!

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