Playing around with The Gimp

I love freeware.

One app that I have been testing out for many years is the Gimp. It is a free image editor that runs on Windows and Linux.

Yeah, I have Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photo Deluxe. They came bundled with my scanners and are great.

But sometimes it’s nice to just approach a pic from an entirely different angle. Like today’s effort. The text is pretty plain but GIMP has a nice one-click feature called Zach Effect.

And you can download more exotic fonts if you want to.


  1. I was so attached to Paint.NET that I kept Windows installed in Virtual box just so I could have it in Linux. I’ve slowly started getting use to Gimp because I’ve completely moved 100% to Linux as my Operating System. The software is large and confusing but I’ve been able to do everything I need by Googling.

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    • I like the GIMP. It is fast loading, light feeling but pretty full featured. In the old days things like ‘stroke text’ were really hard but they have developed it considerably, so it is fairly straightforward now.
      Have you tried Wine and Winetricks? I had success with PhotoShop Elements on an older machine /version of Linux but not on a newer. You might get Paint.NET to work on Linux that way too. Wine takes a while to load. But you can choose a version of Windows (sort of Windows). Then again, sometimes it just doesn’t work. 🙂

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