Actually… Windows 10 ain’t that bad

After repeatedly trying to dual boot Windows 7 and Lubuntu on my best PC, I realized it was not going to happen. The problem had to do with an incompatible BIOS and HD format / partition style.

I’m not an expert on this stuff but with older computers, it is easy to dual boot Windows 7 and Lubuntu. But with my newer machine, I spent days scratching my head and taking instructional photos on my phone. (You can’t copy and paste info when your computer is already tied up with the installation).

Installing Windows first or Lubuntu first. It didn’t matter. These two just would not dual boot!

I even had two computers running side by side with two monitors. But still, no luck.

So I reluctantly went back to Windows 10. And this time around it didn’t seem so bloated or nefarious.

To ease the bloat, I didn’t sign in with an MS email – or give Cortana permissions – but just as an offline user.

One thing I especially like about Windows 10 is that it easily dual boots with Lubuntu.

So that’s where I’m at now.

Windows 10 feels like my Cadillac. And Lubuntu my MGB.

Or perhaps like my main floor, and my second floor.

I need both. Windows alone is too heavy. Lubuntu, too light.

Happy now! 🙂

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