Here’s my solution to Windows 7 pulling the plug!

Windows 7 is a great OS and I plan to keep using it for music production, watching DVDs, and anything else that doesn’t require an internet connection. For browsing, I will use the entirely free Ubuntu (specifically Lubuntu). You can achieve this on one computer by setting up a dual boot on a partitioned hard drive. Not too difficult. You just have to do your research.


  1. I’ve been using KDE Neon for the last 4 years. I previously used Mint KDE until they dropped it. Everything works so perfect on linux. I still read Windows Tech forums out of habit and I keep a Windows 10 install on it’s own separate drive as a curiosity. So far I’ve had to “refresh” the install twice because updates screwed it up but other than that it’s just a pristine install of Windows 10 that I don’t do anything with. With linux I feel safe. Add a few tweaks and settings plus a VPN and Firefox + add-ons (and common sense) I have zero worries about being online. Sorry about the blathering, it’s been a while since I’ve talked geek stuff.

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    • No I appreciate it. I ordered a couple of super cheap USB wifi’s from China because Lubuntu doesn’t work very well with my Broadcom adapter (in my best computer).

      Right now I’m running three windows 7s but am getting ready to set them up as dual boots with Linux. I like Windows media player better than VLC. And I don’t think I can run WMP on Linux.

      I tried Win 10 several times and soon get tired of all the crap on it that you don’t need. It also eats too much ram for my liking.

      I’ll have to take a look at KDE Neon. Another distro that people seem to be raving about is Manjaro.

      Will probably try them all, eventually…

      I love the simplicity of Linux, the lack of bloat, and the price! 🙂

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