Is less more?

Today something came over me and I took my old NAD amp out onto the back deck and, having removed the cover, got the hairdryer out and – holding the cold button – removed all the inner dust that had accumulated since I purchased it in the 1980s.

I worked hard for that amp. My summer job was City Gardener, and it was often backbreaking work.

So I thought I should try to restore it before tossing it out or sending it to Goodwill.

The other thing I did was spray all the knobs with an electrical contact cleaner from Canadian Tire (one of the last Canadian retail chains in Canada).

After letting everything dry, to my utter delight the amp worked perfectly. Like new. The volume knob previously had been noisy – and cut in and out from left and right channels – when you tried to adjust the volume. Now it’s perfect, just like the day I bought it.

I remembered why I bought this amp when I listened to it again. It is great.

Warning! If anyone is going to try this, be sure to wear good safety goggles and spray in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors.

What are you thinking?

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