Childhood’s End


The other day at Mass I was pleased to find half the church filled with students celebrating their passage from grade 8 to 9. It reminded me of my own graduation from grade 8, and how my Mom gave me a dictionary to mark the occasion.

It wasn’t the kind of gift I would have expected. Most kids back then would have gotten an Elton John record or maybe a polaroid camera. But I loved the dictionary right away. Turns out my Mom was seeing things I didn’t see yet. My future love for learning and studying the roots of my language.

Later, I thought that’s how God works too. Often what we receive from God isn’t what we immediately want but what we will grow into appreciating. And then looking back, we see how much wiser God’s choices are than our choices.

I don’t know any of these people so had to first blur all the faces and then vectorize the photo. But I like the result!

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