I’m a bit of a vampire…

Well, not really. But most people love it when the days are long and the nights are short. Not so much me. At about 11:30 pm on the longest day (June 21), I got out to drive to the local supermarket. It was finally dark and I congratulated myself on getting through these long days. I also celebrated that, every day now, the days will be getting a tiny bit shorter and the nights longer.

Why I do I dislike the daylight?

Here I am coming out of my cave on the summer solstice.

It is not so much that I dislike daylight but rather the lack of privacy that goes with it. I live in a gentrified neighborhood that previously had a lot of space and really nice, easygoing neighbors. Most of the old crowd have died or moved away, their small houses have been demoed to be replaced with monster homes.

How half of these monster homes passed zoning regulations is a mystery to me.

Anyhow, it’s all good. The days will continue to get warmer for a while but the nights longer.

If I have been to Mass during the day I am affected less by the daylight busybodies, their noisy leaf blowers, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. = BORING!*

But still, I prefer the night.

* Some other day I’ll write about the Canadian probably North American obsession with controlling nature.

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