Networking with Windows 7

After experimenting with Lubuntu I finally came back to Windows 7. I loved Lubuntu and will probably use it again. But as long as Windows 7 provides updates, I’ll probably stick with it.

It bothers me that Microsoft is phasing out Win 7. But I sort of understand. They only have so many resources and the future, with all sorts of new features, awaits.

In the meantime, I finally figured out a really easy thing. How to network two computers over the local network.

In this pic, my very low end computer in the dining room is accessing my fairly okay computer in my bedroom.

I can have complete control with a free Remote Desktop app. Or I can have partial access through sharing over a homegroup. Both approaches have different pluses and minuses. So I use both, depending on what I want to do at any given moment.

What are you thinking?

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