Keeping My Fingers Crossed…

Last fall I bought this computer from a guy after finding it on Kijiji. The computer froze at the very beginning and I soon believed I’d been had. Luckily it was a nominal amount of money and I learned my lesson.

Never, ever buy a secondhand computer!

Thinking the freezing was a software problem, I spent hours trying to fix it. After much aggravation, I finally cracked the box open to see if it had any salvageable parts. No luck.

But I did notice that one wire/connector wasn’t perfectly fitted. So I made sure it was sitting straight and put the machine back together.

I’m writing on it now while listening to music… After several hours of use, not one freeze.

Today is my birthday. What a great gift!

This is the very latest version of Lubuntu. If anyone has an old computer, I suggest reviving it with Lubuntu. is a pretty useful place to learn. That, and plenty of Google searches. 🙂

What are you thinking?

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