A few nice tunes from my childhood and youth clustered together today

This first one came up on Spotify. It takes me back to listening in my sister’s room on the third floor of the house. She had a half decent stereo and I’d go in there to play DJ or just listen to albums when she was out. I always liked this particular Elton John album. It has some nice sleeper tunes that still bring pleasure today.

I took note of this tune as a kid but as an adult, it reminds me of someone I got to know quite well but who nevertheless ‘flew away.’

The second group of tunes came a little later. “Oh My Lady” is by a Canadian band called The Stampeders who had some pretty big hits up here. I had never heard the tune until after the “high flying bird” (above) had taken flight.

Most people know the Todd Rundgren song. I first listened to it when I bought the album back at university. And the Paul McCartney song? Personally, I think this is some of his ‘crapware.’ Paul McCartney at his best writes such unique, structurally complex tunes. But this one is a bit of a stinker, imo.

What are you thinking?

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