Do you believe in evil?

I do. But this treatment of evil seems heavily imbued with Catholic traditionalism which might color the veracity of its claims. The author seems to contradict himself within the space of two pages. It’s not really important enough for me to cite exactly where.¹ I just browsed through this and that was enough.

Demons could be real. But some people could also be playing into the whole exorcism scene—for whatever reasons. Myself, I think the dynamics of good and evil spirituality are far more complex than this traditional account affords.

This book just reinforces my belief that a lot of priests can be quite sincere and spiritual but also pretty average thinkers. Nothing wrong with that, unless they try to get you into their clutches.


¹ Okay, I looked it up. On page 97 the author says exorcized demons almost always die and are condemned to hell which means “to die forever and to lose any ability to molest people actively.” Then on page 98, the very next page, he says that after a victim’s liberation “it is not unusual for the demon to repeat his attacks, trying to come back; it is well not to give him any openings.”


  1. in my view evil is not real like a shadow you cast is is merely the absence of good.There are no demons except those that reside in your failures or addictions or absence of compassion. There never was a Satan to oppose god and the only hell is what you make for yourself. when we die we all ascend to higher realms some higher than others. or we reincarnate into a life of trials to heal our past infirmities.

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  2. @ INDRAJIT RATHORE – For me, it is tempting to believe if not in reincarnation at least in subtle temporal connections among people and lifetimes. For example, while watching a historical drama if it is done well I sometimes get the feeling that I “remember” being there in that time period.

    The next question is: Was it really me in a past life or am I simply psycho-spiritually connecting with some other soul who lived back then (connecting either in their past-present or with their afterlife memory).

    It would be nice if hell did not exist but I would hate to find out it did… the hard way!

    That pretty much sums up where I’m at these days on this topic. It’s a fascinating one.


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