Happy as a clam

Here’s a rare selfie taken at Christmastime. We have a mirrored closet which I have been using for selfies since before the advent of digital cameras.

I’m happy as a clam in this photo because I just unwrapped a Canada Goose (exclusive label up here) hat. Previously I’d been wearing whatever old hat I had laying about the house. And my public image was anything but spectacular.

The Bible says we shouldn’t worry about what we wear but that was written in a certain time and place. Normally, I don’t care too much. I usually dress super casual for church because, well, I don’t see church as some kind of social club. I only care how God sees me. If, on the other hand, I feel God wants me to dress up, I do.

Out in the real world, it’s much the same. What I wear depends on the situation and also, what I believe I should wear at a given time.

I was happy to receive this hat as a gift. A small thing, true. But it offers more opportunities. You wouldn’t believe how wearing an “upper class” hat affects how people see and treat you. It shouldn’t be that way. But it is.

What are you thinking?

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