Even MORE vintage audio geekiness

This is a Kijiji photo of the same model. Mine is actually cleaner than this. And I popped off the grille for better sound.

Over the Xmas holidays I discovered that a local Goodwill had converted into a Salvation Army thrift store.

I love places like that. During Christmas the selection was amazing. I didn’t need or buy anything but had fun looking over all the fake trees, wreaths, lights and Santas. I also noticed a substantial electronics section – Oh no! – so made a mental note to come back and check out any new arrivals.

So last night I picked up a JVC powered subwoofer for my home stereo. It works, only cost $9.99 – originally priced by a nice worker at $6.99 until the boss added $3 while I was standing in line – and adds some nice upper base to my existing Yamaha sub. So now I have two subs and four speakers. Sounds great.

Total cost for this upgrade? Ten dollars… sent to a good cause. Although I would have preferred the original price of $6.99!

What are you thinking?

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