More from the vintage audio nerd – Final encore and easy subwoofer you can probably do too!

Yamaha sub at bottom left, in vintage cabinet, which boosts bass even more

Last night I was sort of missing the sound of my old NAD stereo amp and thought… If only I could hook up a subwoofer with my old amp.

Then it came to me that I could link my active sub through the headphones ‘out’ jack. I tried it and it works well. But still, the noisy volume knob and my general fatigue with the NAD’s sound saw me hooking up the HK again. This time, for keeps.

The good news is I realized I could connect my powered sub from the HK’s headphone jack too. The advantage of doing it this way – instead of via sub out – is that the output is greater thru the headphone jack. So now my modest Yamaha sub (with only 30 watts of power) can belt out bass like a big boy or girl.

My sub is actually part of an old computer speaker set. It’s really nothing fancy. But funnily enough the connecting wire became loose over time, and this actually works to my benefit. If I wiggle it a certain way, only the sub works, and not the small computer speakers for higher frequencies. So basically I have a free sub (I picked it up from someone else’s front lawn!).

Anyone with a bit of electronic knowledge could rig the sub – only – from an inexpensive computer speaker system by plugging it into their stereo amp or receiver’s headphone jack and maybe snipping the wires that lead to the higher frequency speakers. A low-cost, environmentally friendly way to boost your old stereo!

Mine sounds absolutely great. Now listening to this CD through Naxos Music and it is fab. I always was a fan of Bach. God’s answer to the evil machine.

What are you thinking?

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