Reelin’ in the Years – 2015

I didn’t really like anything in the 2015 pop charts so I’m going to cheat again and list a song that was re-released in 2015.

Okay, a lot of people think Frank Sinatra is your dad’s dad’s (that’s two dads) music. And for the most part, they’re probably right.

But I think he’s fabulous. When I go driving these days about 80% of the time it’s Frank Sinatra that I listen to. He’s especially good for late night drives after everyone has gone to bed.

I don’t need a time machine. Frank takes me back to a different era that, for better or for worse, was just oozing with character. And his repertoire is so vast that it really takes a long time to get a handle on his immense and varied output.

This version of the tune has been remastered and pumped up. Also of note are the arrangements by Nelson Riddle, who may not be a household name these days but back in the day was a much sought after orchestral leader.

Sinatra backed up by Riddle make a powerful combo. You can hear it here.

And for those who would rather hear a slightly more modest mix, here’s the same song with a different mastering that’s not quite as punchy. This is probably closer to what the original vinyl sounded like:


Reelin’ in ALL the Years


Image via Tumbr

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