Baffling Windows 10/7 upgrade/downgrade

Spent the last day or so trying to restore my best computer after a ‘fresh’ install of Windows 10. Turns out it wasn’t a fresh install at all, with lots of HD space gobbled up by crap and old files.

Now I can’t get the  computer to run anything but Ubuntu, which is fun but not really up my alley.

So I’m reformatting the HD with dban, which is totally new to me and takes about 8† hours. Seems there must be a simpler “format from USB stick” program out there I haven’t found yet.

Will I get Windows 7 back? I have OEM discs which makes it 10x more difficult…

I’m not a woman but this was the best “pulling out my hair” image I could find! – Image via Tumblr

† Actually was more like 10½ hours but well worth the wait. 🙂

What are you thinking?

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