Nice Chillout App

Back in the day, people used to walk downtown or go to malls and “window shop.” It was a good way to kill time, see what’s out there, and not break the bank because generally, you didn’t buy anything, you just looked.

Today I searched and the appropriate term for doing the same thing is, duh… online window shopping.

I do my fair share of it. Especially when I’m bored of everything else.

Another great way to fill the proverbial vacuum without parting with lots of cash it to try out new apps. If they suck and consume lots of resources, you can always delete them and their data.

So last night I tried out a new android and iOS music app called Chillout and Lounge Music.

It’s quite nice. A good if small selection of channels and, what’s best for me, a great multi-EQ. Also, the app has a preamp and “bandwidth” slider, which seems something like stereo separation.

You can get your phones or sound system sounding much better by tweaking these features.

The iOS app didn’t seem quite as impressive. It only has the EQ. No preamp or bandwidth adjustment. But maybe that’s because I tried it on an old iPad running iOS 9.3.5.

What are you thinking?

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