My Decapitated Laptop

This is an old laptop with only 512mb RAM and a mobile Sempron processor. For the most part, it was a pretty crummy laptop. About a week after the one-year warranty expired, the hinge broke that holds the screen to the body.

When I got a new laptop, I put this old laptop to rest. It was untenably slow. Crashed a lot, etc.

Then I discovered the joys of remote desktop. All you really need for casually surfing is one good computer and decent WiFi. And you can use lesser machines as dummies thru a remote app.

I’m doing that now. The Win XP body of the “decapitated” computer is remotely linking to my fairly good Win 10 laptop.

Today, I use two different remote desktop apps, depending on my needs at any given moment.

For now it’s a good, cheap and green alternative.


Well yeah…

Recycle. Re-use.

How many prominent green bloggers would go to these lengths?

As the old saying goes. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.

What are you thinking?

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