Almost gave up on this vintage RSS Reader… so glad I didn’t!

It took some doing. Not easy. But after banging away at my PC I got this free, vintage RSS Reader software to work in Windows 10.

This is by far my favorite RSS Reader. I never liked Google reader because I prefer using the arrow keys to quickly move thru my feeds.

When I speed read, I really speed read. And with 255 feeds, I just don’t have time to fiddle around with a mouse, clicking on each feed.

I used this RSS Reader a lot with Win 98 and, I think, with Win XP. Not sure if I could get it going in Win 7. Probably not because I haven’t used it in years.

Tonight with a bit of determination I managed – somehow – to get all the error messages to disappear and loaded a great OPML file I’d built with other RSS readers.

I know this is boring stuff for most. But for a news junkie like myself, it’s amazing. Like having an old friend back!

Here’s the link:

Image – Pinterest

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