Can we measure education quality in global rankings? – University World News

We could admit, for now at least, that it is impossible to adequately assess education quality for purposes of international comparisons.

Source: Can we measure education quality in global rankings? – University World News

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Opinion – From my experience education and the institution where one enrolls is like choosing the right pair of shoes. If we want to walk comfortably we have to get the right style and fit.

Comparing this institution to that, even in one’s own country, seems silly. It’s like saying, “Her shoes are nicer than his.”

“But hey,” an insulted pedestrian could reply, “These are my feet! Don’t judge until you have walked a mile in my shoes!”

My academic journey involved four different universities and a continual tweaking of my major and minor.

I was always testing and changing, hoping to fashion my adventure into something intellectually and personally stimulating. Some places and programs were good for a while but then fell short.

Altogether I can only remember one intellectually substandard professor. When she called me in for a “chat” I realized it was time to go and find a better fit. Another professor at another U. turned out to be quite clever but morally substandard.

There’s no perfect place. But at its best, university was inspiring and fun. And looking back, I believe that each step in my journey was an integral part of my life-plan.

Higher ranked places would have been wrong for me. I wouldn’t have encountered the same outstanding profs, friends, and memorable characters nor would I have enjoyed the many extracurricular activities I still hold dear.

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