Reelin’ in the Years – 2014

When I first heard this tune I think it was already out for a while but I’m not sure.

I was driving and it came on the radio. I couldn’t believe how it grabbed me. Suddenly I was 15 or 16 again, feeling excited and entranced by the tunes. I’m not sure if the producer gave it a retro feel on purpose or if it just came out that way. I heard he produced it in an hour or something. Which I find incredible. But I guess if you know what you’re doing, then…

Myself, I struggle for weeks over my stuff and very few people like it. When I go back and listen after a few months I hear the imperfections better and any imbalances in the final master.

I actually used this song as a kind of template for an auto-mastering program. The program reads a song you like and applies those general mastering settings to your own song. It didn’t come out well.

Whatever. It’s fun making music. And I’ll probably never come up with something like this. But I can still appreciate those with the talent to do so.

I think Keszia is Canadian. So there’s a source of national pride as well!

Final word. I’m not wild about the video. It looks like more American song and dance stuff, which doesn’t really speak to me. But a good song. I like it best in my mind’s imagination, not from someone else’s.

Reelin’ in ALL the Years

Image – Wikipedia

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