Edge is getting sharper – Cortana more appealing

Image – Pinterest

Since returning to Win 10 I’ve been exploring Cortana and Edge. I guess the older I get, the more I like to get more done with less effort. It’s called being organized. Also, using whatever tech helps to make life fun and easier.

So far Chrome is still my main browser. But Edge is creeping up. Mostly because the Microsoft Store is hosting more stuff that I need to use. Edge still falls short for a few reasons which I won’t disclose (the equivalent to my “secret sauce” for getting tons of interesting articles fast).

But it got me thinking how quickly things get stale on the web. I hear Chrome is planning a major update, visually and otherwise. We’ll see it that can take the sting out of the Edge challenge.

As for Hey Cortana vs. Hey Siri vs. OK Google, I’d say Cortana and OK Google are almost tied. OK Google permits changing the default browser while Cortana is inexorably linked to Edge. So OK Google is still No. 1 for that reason.¹

Maybe it’s just me but I get the impression that MS doesn’t care as much about responding to customer needs. It’s more about dictating what it thinks is best. If MS doesn’t change, I predict that will be its downfall.

¹ Oh yeah. Siri. I forgot to mention that in my first stab at this. Probably because I have an older phone and disabled Siri thinking it would slow things down. The other day I tried Siri. But not enough to really make a fair assessment. I was pleased to see that its search results were linked to Google.

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