I switched to Windows 10 and for the most part, I like it

Image – Pinterest

Funny. Not too long after writing about Windows 7 I got bored with my computer and upgraded to Windows 10. I was able to do this for free because I took advantage of the free upgrade when it first came out. Even though I reverted to Win 7, you can go back to Win 10 if you upgraded within the free window. Microsoft keeps tabs on everything. And sometimes “Big Brother’s” vigilance pays off for the consumer. 👀😉

I like exploring the MS apps. They were almost nonexistent when Win 10 first came out. And MS Edge seems to have evolved a bit. Chrome is still my go-to browser but once in a while Edge comes in handy.

You never know. Remember when Firefox dominated the scene? Or Internet Explorer, for that matter?

Things change fast on the web. And upgrading to Win 10 helps me update, in a general sense, almost everything else I do online.

I also like not having to keep a backup partition on my HD. I suppose I could have avoided that with Windows 7. But it seems so easy with Win 10, especially since you can keep the operating system on an external USB.

The only real downside I can see to Win 10 is that, despite my turning off all the extraneous stuff I don’t need, it still seems to use a bit more RAM than Win 7. Not a big problem as I’m not doing any music production right now. But who knows, I may revert to Win 7 in the future if the muses inspire me again.

It’s nice to be able to go back and forth. Reliably.


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