Two Awesome File Management Tools for Automated Actions

I’m still on Windows 7. I actually like it better than Windows 10. With a computer I want a tool, not a friend. And I find Win 7 is pretty streamlined while Win 10 has too much bloat.

However, Win 7 has its limits. One thing it doesn’t do to well, as far as I know, is automatically move tons of files.

If you’re like me, you have backed up your pics somewhere, probably an external HD, and have tons of duplicates on that same HD. This was the case with me because with my digital camera (I mostly use my phone now), I manually labelled each folder with my crummy typing when transferring from SD card.

To make matters worse, I saved to and backed up from different computers over the years, and just threw them all onto my external HD under different folders.

The result? A mess. Several gigabytes of duplicates, scattered like seeds in a field. Impossible to correct without automated help.

Enter the two programs I’ve been testing out. Together, they’ve solved my problem and more. I’ve had a great time going back thru the years, reviewing my pics. Almost like a past life review!

Both programs are free. And I highly recommend them. Using them in tandem – with great care – has been fantastic.

DropIT moves files (not just pics) and instantly replaces them if and only if they are identical. So you don’t have to do that tedious Windows thing where you must review and compare the file size of each file that happens to have the same filename.


SearchMyFiles scans for and gives lots of options for handling duplicate files. You can list “All Files” (which shows duplicates) or “Only Duplicates” (which gives a nice list of files to delete or, if you’re not so bold, move to another folder).

A third offering I’m trying is MEGAsync. I’m still testing so will not comment yet. Unlike the other two, it works online, and supposedly makes mirror images of folders/files on your computer and their servers.

Mega has been a bit notorious in the past. But I’m starting to wonder if (past) shady places will sometimes turn out better in the long run while (present) reputable ones will prove to be shady.

I don’t trust anyone with online storage, no matter how big the corporate name. So I’m trying Mega as a sort of buffer. I would never delete my precious files from my own personal external HD.

So that’s my geekery for today. If anyone has file management or storage solutions they’d like to share with me and my readers, I love to hear!

Image – Pinterest

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