I’ve been working on this for a while. The past few days it’s been a mastering exercise, which I actually like more than composing.

I tried a popular commercial demo (Ozone 8) for mastering but its presets never really made this sound right, and it was too resource heavy to be of any real use to me with my modest computer.

Free Ozone Imager – Pinterest

So I switched back to freeware and did my best to make this breathe without losing clarity.

Dedicated to Avicii who continues to inspire.


  1. The kid had a rough life but accomplished more than most people.

    Question: Your avatar. That’s you? You look like me back in the day. I found an old picture from 1980. I thought about posting it as a found object.

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    • Yeah, Avicii was loaded with music smarts and talent.

      Yep that’s me in front of the old house where I grew up. I still drive by there occasionally. Hardly looks the same. They tore down the garage, second floor sun room and put a shiny new face on it.


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