Secrets Revealed – Write For Your Readers

Back in the day, I did pretty well in my first year of university studies. I don’t have my academic transcript handy but it was mostly in the B+ to A range. As I say, pretty well. I knew I’d have to do better to pursue my goal of becoming a psychologist or maybe a professor.

So I took note and made some changes. This may sound sort of funny but the way I got almost all As to A+s after my first year was to write for the professor. Each professor had different ideas and more importantly, ways of expressing those.

I didn’t mimic my professors’ opinions but I did write in a style similar to how they lectured in class.

And gosh, it worked!

Did I do this consciously? Unconsciously? Honestly, I can’t say. I was young. I wanted to succeed. Something must have been guiding me. Let’s say I did it subconsciously, a twilight zone between consciousness and unconsciousness.

So having figured out how to get straight As this carried over right into my graduate and doctoral studies. Even my very worst professor who strangely changed his mind over providing letters of recommendation gave me an A for his course.

Realizing the web is where it’s at, I shifted my attention from trying to get a teaching job to developing Earthpages.

It’s been a long and wonderful road. I’m learning every day. And you know, I still follow the same old formula to some extent. I try to make my posts accessible and visually satisfying. As my Dad who was Dean of Business at Ryerson University used to say, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

After years of tweaking the style and content of Earthpages, I had something of a breakthrough. Earthpages was accepted as a publisher at Flipboard. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

I’m a pretty hard-working, intuitive guy so having my stuff out there on news aggregators like Flipboard and MSN News (where Earthpages also appears) really inspires me to do even better. Sort of like a feedback loop, it’s about sensing the vibe of what works and what doesn’t.

Watch out Google News! You’re next! 🙂

What are you thinking?

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