Reelin’ in the Years – 1986

Rolling Stone 1986 – Fair Use / Fair Dealing rationale.

It’s 1986 and I’m 24 years old. Looking over the charts I didn’t want to do what I did for ’85—post a song or two that meant something to me then but not so much now.

Music should engage.

So I’m cheating a bit this year. My selection is from a compilation album released in ’86 but the material is from two albums released in ’73 and ’74.

Frank Zappa believed in freedom of expression and it shows in his work.

After Overnight Sensation (1973), the album “I’m the Slime” appears on, Zappa’s lyrics become increasingly vulgar and sexual.

At the time of Overnight Sensation, the lyrics are pretty obvious but still suggestive and metaphorical. This song is more about social commentary than sexual adventures. A jab at the media and everything that drives it. At least, through Zappa’s lens.

I’m pretty sure the entire Overnight Sensation is on YouTube. And probably Spotify, if you get that in your country. The musicianship and arrangements are second to none.

For me, this record best shows off Zappa’s genius. Zappa was like the Howard Stern of rock. A pretty loose comparison. Maybe some would think I’m insulting the one or the other!

Reelin’ in ALL the Years

 Frank Zappa’s We’re Only In It For The Money Is The ’60s Psych Satire That Became A ’60s Psych Classic (

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