Reelin’ in the Years – 1975

Bowie and Cher, 1975 via Wikipedia

It’s 1975 and I’m a whopping 13 years old. A young teen and everything is changing. New school. New emotions. New interests. Looking over the charts for this year I’m torn between David Bowie’s “Fame” and Van McCoy’s “The Hustle.”

I admire Bowie. To me, he’s like the Sibelius of pop music. If you don’t know who Sibelius is, shame on you! (I’m just as much into classical as I am into pop).

Bowie has hits but also innovative, fringe stuff. Most millennials probably don’t realize just how influential he was.

Since his saddening death, I think his image is suffering from oversaturation. But I know he’s great. I’ll have to get one of his songs on this list, somewhere.

Today I’m choosing Van McCoy’s “Do the Hustle” for my fav song of 1975.

Suddenly we had a new thing on the block. Actually, around the world. And I’m not talking Daft Punk. No, I’m talking about…


Bowie did disco songs too but his, I think, synthesized the original form with other jangly bits. A lot of Bowie’s work is like that. He takes all these different elements, throws them into the blender of his musical soul, and a real smoothie comes out.

“The Hustle” by Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony is the real deal. The airy flute (or whatever that is) and 70s strings bring out the best of the USA. This is happy, optimistic, and dancin’ Americana as no other nation can do it. I almost feel like an American listening to this song!

You can also hear elements of smooth jazz, likewise taking shape with John Klemmer’s Touch. Smooth jazz would become even more commercially successful with George Benson and Chuck Mangione, a few years later.

People either mocked or loved disco in the 70s. Disco has aged well. Looking back, it’s obviously a precursor to EDM. Several EDM hits are just remixes of Donna Summer and other stars like her.

Long Live Old Skool!

Reelin’ in ALL the Years


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