Reelin’ in the Years – 1973

In 1973 Skylab paved the way for the International Space Station – via Wikipedia

It’s 1973, I’m eleven years old, and mankind has been to the moon so many times it’s like “Oh did they do that again?”

People being the fickle creatures that they are soon lost interest in the moon shots. And the manned (peopled?) lunar program was all washed up by ’73.

Skylab quietly ushered in a whole new era in space research while we on Earth watched more sci-fi on TV and in theaters. Also, blockbuster disaster movies were being hatched like spray painted golden eggs. The Towering Inferno, Earthquake

Afros, blow-dried hair, flares and bell bottoms, big collars, wide ties, floppy hats and peace signs. Long Caddys. This was the style. Punk and New Wave were brewing with bands like Roxy Music but the revolution hadn’t really hit the scene in ’73. This was pure 70s time.

Image via Pinterest – A popular Gillette hairspray TV ad declared, “The wethead is dead.”

My favorite pop tunes for this year once again happen to be two Canadian songs. Honestly, I’m not tipping the scales in some hokey attempt to promote Canadian culture. It’s just that I, having been born and raised on Canadian soil, happen to like these tunes best.

And yup, I said “tunes” not tune. This year I’m breaking the rules again and, like with 1962, declaring a tie.

The first tune relates to my exploratory, sci-fi side. I remember driving around downtown Toronto (being driven, that is) among the tall buildings and having a “moment” when this song came on the AM radio.

This uncut version is longer than what I’m used to. I grew up with the heavily edited rendition on K-Tel’s Fantastic – 22 Original Hits, 22 Original Stars, which I almost like better.

The second song speaks to the mystique of women. It’s psychological and spiritual, using nature and the garden as metaphors for personal growth, self-actualization, call it what you want.

I also like the apocalyptic guitar riff in this tune. Pretty tame for today but in ’73 it captured the balance between destruction and hope that we all felt on some level.

Geez, it looks like my personality was almost fully formed by 1973!

Reelin’ in ALL the Years


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