In Loving Memory – Charles Edmund (Ted) Welsh

My uncle passed away about a week ago. His passing has sent a shockwave of sorrow and stress through the family, as losing a loved one always does. Myself, I have good reason to believe in an afterlife, so that takes the edge off my personal grieving. But I still sense the reaction from others who are deeply affected. So it’s been a challenging time.

My uncle loved Canada and the freedoms it embodies. He was a successful structural engineer who worked on a good share of the main buildings in downtown Toronto. When I was a kid in hospital undergoing a hernia operation, he visited me with a gift. It was a diary. Great gift. I still have it and my 1972 childhood memoirs. He also gave me a crystal radio kit which I used every night at home to listen to Wolfman Jack. The beginning of my love for music and media.

At Go Home Bay he fixed up an old sea-flea that had a rotten transom. In about an hour he’d cut and nailed all the fresh boards while I watched. I was just a boy and had many great spins in that boat after Ted gave it a second life.

Skiing at Collingwood he was always welcoming and fun when we visited at his cabin at the foot of the hills.

Other memories include playing the family piano when visiting for butter tarts in the fall—a yearly event. Ted is survived by his wife Pat, an accomplished pianist. Aunt Pat finished second after Glenn Gould in a piano recital! And Ted actively supported her passion for music.

So thank you Ted. Here’s a pic I took on the day of your ceremony.

With love,

Your nephew,


Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Toronto

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