Image via Tumblr

Animation created automatically by Google Drive without my directly asking it to! GD seems to take liberties in that sense. I back up my pics there and it sends notifications about different kinds of filters and animations it has created. Maybe there’s an opt in / opt out button somewhere. But at least one can screen before saving, making public, etc.

This is Cherry Beach, Toronto. It is one of the scungier downtown beaches. I don’t like any of the Toronto beaches too much. Dogs are permitted and, even though people “poop and scoop,” does one really want to sit in sand that has been pooped and scooped? Yuck. Also, the Lake is a toxic nightmare. I’m amazed people go in that water!

By way of contrast, Georgian Bay is a huge freshwater reserve. It used to be that we would drink directly out of the Bay (also called the 6th Great Lake) back in the 60s, early 70s.

It might be hard for some people outside of Canada to imagine such a thing. (Oceans are great but they are salt water). And the American lakes I’ve seen were just gross little mud ponds (not surprising considering the sheer density in the USA).

Sadly, mankind is doing a good job of fouling up Georgian Bay too. I don’t go there any more. But I have pristine memories.


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