Well, I went back to Windows after all…

It was fun but it couldn’t last. I had to admit it. Even the fastest Linux software (Puppy Slacko) for my old PC ran slower than a clean install of Windows XP.

I’ve become a master at disabling unwanted plugins, resources, and startup items to get the RAM usage down to just over 100 mb. I’m not sure if Puppy Slacko was that low or not. The way the meter read the RAM was confusing to my untutored eyes.

Anyhow, I wrote the bulk of yesterday’s earthpages.ca article on my WinXP Pentium 4 computer, “Frankenstein.” But it gets slow when doing the final layout. So I switched to my Win 7 laptop, which is pretty average by today’s standards. Then I proofread again using the Win XP machine.

Looking at my writing on different systems gives me a fresh take. I can see inelegancies, errors and redundancies better. I then went BACK to XP and again to Win7 before finally finishing the thing at about 4:30 am.

Good thing I can sleep in a bit when I need to. I enjoy listening to music more than writing about it! 🙂



  1. I’m finding the more they update Linux the slower it gets. Thew newest KDE kernel drops wifi constantly. I can boot into Windows on another hard drive and I’ve been doing it a lot lately

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    • Well, to be honest I’m using Puppy Slacko right now. I boot it off a USB. Win XP is on the HD. I have Google Chrome on Puppy Slacko so I can use the mic when I feel like it. With Win XP I use K-Meleon. I think K-Meleon is a bit faster but I’m not 100% sure. I have connectivity issues too with my Tenda (Ralink) USB wifi. Not sure why. Sometimes it’s great. Other times very intermittent.

      What Linux OS do you use?


      • booting from a usb is the slowest thing in the world without a lot of RAM or a slow USB. The only stable KDE distro I’ve found is Mint 18.1 but they bloat it up with a lot of unwanted junk I can’t remove. KDE Neon is perfect except it doesn’t remember my primary screen on rebooting

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  2. I didn’t try mint. You are right about the RAM. Puppy Slacko starts great but backs up onto the USB, which, yes, is slow. Do you know if that wears out a USB… all the saving, swap files, etc? I’ve heard it does but am not sure.


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