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Getting Back to Bach


Trelane - with harpsichord (under his arm...)

Trelane – with harpsichord (under his arm…) – via startrek.com

Years ago I went through a major J. S. Bach phase. Especially Bach harpsichord. There was something trippy about those tinkly keys. They literally transported me back into some Gothic drawing room. (Even as a kid I loved the Star Trek TOS episode with Trelane, a spoiled brat alien harpsichordist who had to grow up and be mature.)

So I ordered every CD I could get my hands on through the library. I drove to Bach. I worked to Bach. I played to Bach. I even made a video or two with Bach.

Then I lost it. I had to move on and explore other genres and different types of classical music. But as the world turns and the planets revolve around the sun, I guess it was only a matter of time before I came back to Bach. And why not? Along with Mozart and Beethoven, he’s one of those guys who just always gets it right.

Listening to this right now through our library. Good!


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2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Bach

  1. Yeah. Love a great harpsichord serenade too. Something very ethereal about it.

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  2. A neighbor threw out a box of tapes. I swallowed my pride and scooped them up. Now listening to some 80s gems on my old tape deck. Glad I kept that. Cheers and thanks for dropping by!


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