A little ingenuity goes a long way

IMG_0622-fixA few years ago I purchased a really nice, small USB keyboard for 10 dollars at one of those downtown liquidator outlets. Either I got a lemon or was outright suckered, I’m not sure. But much to my dismay, when I got home and eagerly tried it out, the CTRL key was dead. I tried everything. I pressed it repeatedly. I pressed it hard. I pressed it soft.  I even took the back cover off the keyboard to see if there was anything I could clean. But it was all too tight and mysterious for my limited expertise.

For bloggers and writers, the CTRL key is key, as it were. I use it all the time for quickly bouncing thru words one by one, as I imagine most writers do. So I was miffed, and felt cheated. I’d seen other people returning stuff at this place and didn’t feel like going thru the usual runaround. Also, even if they gave me another keyboard, it would probably be flawed too if the place was a clearing house for defective stuff (which I was starting to suspect it might be).

So after getting some limited use I packed it up in the basement. But today I thought, why not just remap the keyboard? There must be a way.

Turns out there are several ways. I chose this cool little program because it was free, light, and didn’t require installing anything else along with it.

http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/keytweak.html (KeyTweak 2.3).

I found it very easy to use with a practically self-explanatory user interface.

So if by chance your laptop keyboard or some other keyboard is not working on a particular key, maybe try this. You can see the dead key in my photo. I remapped that to the key that my pen is pointing to, a key I never used. But you can remap to almost any key.

Works great!



  1. I thought you could change key setting in the accessibility settings on windows or turning off the “fn” key. I don’t remember but I had a mini keyboard like this, after I got use to it a standard keyboard was so huge to navigate

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  2. It might be possible. I looked there but only saw some general options. So I opted for the 3rd party route. This prog doesn’t load at startup, doesn’t need any new net framework or anything like that. So I’m happy! Keys are actually bigger than my old USB keyboard. Just no number pad.


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