Windows 10 free upgrade ending soon! – July 29 2016

win10aI tried Windows 10 when it was first available and didn’t like it for several reasons:

  • Windows Defender seemed mandatory
  • not as many options to control Windows Update behavior
  • used more RAM than Windows 7
  • seemed like a lot of ads that I didn’t want

But I am a sucker for free things so am installing it now before the free offer expires on July 29. I can always go back to Windows 7 if I want to. But I doubt I will. I have an old machine running Windows XP and fully realize what a hassle it is when software updates are discontinued.  January 14, 2020 in the case of Windows 7.



  1. I tried it several times over the past year and a lot of things never worked. Uninstalling the crap that comes with it left remnants. There was no way to make a system image, but they took that out in windows 8. Macrium works for that. Navigating is a nightmare with the control panel and settings box. The big thing I tried was the windows 7 roll back. I tried this 3 different times on 3 different installs and each time it said windows 10 couldn’t find a windows 7 install. That was twice with completely new installs of windows 10.
    I turned off Cortana (or what ever the fck its called) and installed Classic Shell start menu. I found registry hacks to turn off telemetry and a few other minor annoyances. It takes some work and googling but you can make windows 10 usable. I have it on this computer to see if its improved any in the last several months. It does run better but seems to slow down after a while until I restart. I’m going to make an image just so I have it registered to this computer and reinstall Linux after Mint gets Mint 18 KDE out

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  2. Thanks Mike. I’m just installing all the Win 10 updates right now. I’ve already tried to roll back to Win7 using recovery DVDs (with bloatware) and it says I have to create a partition. So I ‘m reading about formatting and partitions. I have a USB Win 10 that I made with the media tool. So I have been messing around and just fresh installing Win 10 again if it gets too cluttered.

    I like Win 10 more this time around but my broadcom wifi adapter seems to be intermittent with it. We have a solid wifi signal so it’s not that (phone works fine with it). So right now I’m stuck on 10 with an intermittent wifi connection! Hoping the updates will fix that. If not, I might ask you about a good tech forum so I can get Win7 back. 🙂


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