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Image via Tumblr

Just discovered that I’d backed up this old pic of me at our piano on 222 Rose Park Drive in Toronto. I loved that piano, even though some of the keys were broken.

I once told my parents that if I inherited one thing, I would want the piano. Sadly, when they moved to a smaller place, there was no room for the old beast. I still hanker for real pianos. I have lots of VST stuff but it’s not the same.

There are two pianos at a downtown Church that I go to. But I’m not formally registered there, and it seems like a bit of a club (to be able to actually play it). I suppose there’s the library, which has five piano rooms. But something tells me I’d be worried about picking up germs there. Turning into a clean freak in my old age… maybe the spirit of Glenn Gould is influencing me. Apparently he covered his face with a handkerchief to keep out germs.


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