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Just after Mass tonight at a local parish, the parish I actually converted in in 2001. What a great year to convert, considering 2001 was also my favorite movie for many years (along with the theme that went with it). Nice synchronicity for me.

Anyhow things have “changed” as per the title because when the new pastor, so I assume, brought in these high tech video screens my initial reaction was “how much did THAT cost!” 🙂

But tonight I have to admit that I really did enjoy the whole thing. Seeing the song lyrics on the screen while the great band played was quite captivating. Sort of like the intro to Star Wars transformed into a holy setting. Very nice. Also, seeing the youths carrying the mics and sound gear around afterward, laughing and having a good time was refreshing. So walking home I thought, “who am I to judge how Church funds are spent?” Clearly this parish has been transformed.


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