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Some folks like arts and crafts. Others, like myself, enjoy fiddling away on the computer, trying out new freeware and pushing it to the max. I find it not only relaxing but plain, simple fun.

Here’s a calendar I made for the month of May. I used Pically’s free online calendar creator.


Pically makes white borders a little larger than I’d like, so I loaded the finished product (a pdf file) into Photoshop Elements (which can read pdf files) and cropped the white edges out before sending to Staples.ca for a good, inexpensive laser printing.

Actually, it was a bit more complicated than that.

Because I wanted to get the entire photo in the calendar, I simply loaded a blank (no image) calendar template into PS Elements. Then I pasted the tulips into the blank area, adjusting that image’s ratio so as to fit just the way I wanted. Add a little text at the top right, and you’ve got a lovely little 8.5 x 11 inch calendar.

The reason I started doing this is because I usually get my Mom two calendars for Christmas. One, a store-bought calendar. The other, a free calendar from my local parish. But this year I didn’t see any calendars at my parish. Either they were all snapped up before I got to them, or the Church is cutting costs. Not sure. But my Mom likes to have one for events (she’s like a medieval chronicler … been writing in her calendars for decades) and one just to keep track.

So feeling a bit guilty that I didn’t get her her second Christmas calendar, I began searching online for the best calendar maker, where I wouldn’t have to download a whole bunch of stuff that might slow down my computer (which I keep mean and lean for music production).

The result… Pically. It seems the best free online calendar maker to me. Try it!



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