Alternative to Adobe

image via tumblr

If you saw my blog earlier you’d know that I have been restoring an old computer. Basically, I want it as fast as possible, considering it only has 1gb ram and WinXp.

After a day or two of banging away at it, I finally got it in great working order. Thing is, I don’t want to install a bunch of software because it has such precious little ram, and more programs would likely slow it down (even if disabled at startup, they seem to have their ways of gobbling up resources).

So instead of installing Adobe Photoshop Elements, which came bundled with our scanner, I thought I’d try an online photo editor, namely, .

My main concern this time around was text manipulation. I wanted to see how much I could alter the text because that is often the weak link in cheaper photo editing software. At least, it was a few years ago when I was more enthusiastic about photo editing.

As far as I can see, pixlr doesn’t have a “stroke text” option, which basically puts a line around the outside of the text (like you see on Tumblr). But it does have a “hard” adjustment to its outer glow. So using all the sliders available, I got a pretty nice approximation of a light pink stroke effect.

There’s also a very nice “denoise” which adds a subtle smoothness to a grainy image. I used that too.

Yes, the photo colors are garish. But don’t blame me for that. Anyone who has owned WinXP will recognize that this is one of the stock photos that comes with a fresh install.

So will I eventually load up my Adobe PS Elements? Probably. It’s like a poor wo/man’s Photoshop, with almost everything one needs for casual use. Pixlr was fun to try but with PS Elements you can load up any font you want. Pixlr seems limited that way.

Oh yes, the quote. That’s from the rock group The Who—an lp that I used to like as a kid. Some kind of critique of psychiatry or something. I’m not sure. But I love the energy.

“Can you see the real me?” – Quadrophenia.


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