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Heath Immortalized

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I don’t go to theatre movies too often. I much prefer my own space, pausing the show if it gets boring or if I want to get a snack. But I did see Heath Ledger’s last film. It was a Batman something-or-other. I can’t keep track of the Batman films. I liked the 60s TV show. It was light and campy. But when Batman took a darker turn, I think it lost it.

Apparently Batman was a bit of dark character to begin with. So the movies are, I think, closer to the original comic book series than was the TV show. But I liked the zany surrealism of the 60s TV Batman.

Most of us probably know the story about Heath Ledger becoming overly absorbed by the character of the Joker. I remember thinking that his performance was outstanding. Little did I know that it would be a factor in claiming his life (If I remember the story right, that is). Comics and pop culture buffs please correct me here if need be. I mostly post this photo because I think it’s a great shot of some compelling street art.


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