We’re Only In It For The Money – Frank Zappa

We’re only in it for the money – Frank Zappa – fascinating parody of hippie culture, corporate culture, and just about every other kind of culture… musically innovative, lyrically brilliant – via Pinterest

This lp was released in 1968, the cover art obviously satirical of the Beatles. Afraid of getting sued, the record company execs wouldn’t put the artwork on the front cover.

I used to think Zappa was a bit too crass at times, especially in the lp Joe’s Garage (I won’t repeat the lyrics here!). But today I can see that he foresaw a lot of issues that only decades later others would talk about. Basically he hated censorship. Is that such a bad thing?

Many thanks to the good folks at Toronto Public Library for acquiring all kinds of interesting stuff.

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  1. Love Zappa. Pure genius. The thing about his crasness was that it tended to be used to drive home some satirical point and wasn’t so much just mouthing off for the sake of it like a lot of rap music does. He was a consumate storyteller. Admittedly an aquired taste. But hard too give up once your hooked!

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    • Yeah, I’m going thru his stuff now. My sister had Hot Rats when I was a kid. I remember the song “Willie the Pimp.” What a childhood I had!

      Going to listen to it again soon. CD was in our very liberal library. 🙂

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      • Schweeet. I love Zappa’s take on guitar soloing. He approached it in a very Zen way. Didn’t rehearse the solos, just totally improvised in the moment from the vibe he was getting during the show. I can relate to that.

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      • I saw a video of him playing. As a guitarist myself i could see that he was super conversant with the scales, and very quick. Impressive. Before then i’d just assumed that he called in a crack guitarist for his albums.

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  2. I love to play late at night, when everything quiets down. Complete complement to the sequencer, etc. You can inject so many dynamics with a guitar. And practice singing, which I need!


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