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Late nite listen – Sibelius

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11-year-old Sibelius in 1876 (Wikipedia)

I’m listening to Jean Sibelius through Naxos streaming music at the Toronto Public Library web site.

Sibelius seemed to have a mixed career and some people really dislike his music. One person calls him “the worst composer ever.” It appears he’s a little too innovative for some regimented critics, expecting their music to sound a certain way.

Sibelius was a nature lover and one of his compositions from Trees, “The Spruce,” sounds almost like modern jazz. I am impressed. It reminds me of Pat Metheny or Chuck Mangione–something like that. And “The Lonely Pine” reminds me a bit of how Erik Satie can evoke visual imagery. When I heard this selection, it really sounded like the shape of a pine. Narrow at the top, wider at the bottom.

Anyhow, I’m enjoying listening to Sibelius online. The album is Sibelius Piano Music by Naxos (a selection).

This note was (mostly) dictated via Dragon.


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