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From Firefox to Chrome


It seems I spoke too soon. Since I discovered yesterday that Firefox works with iOS I launched a campaign to find the best non-Safari browser functional in iPad 2.

So today I discovered Chrome, which in the past I have been somewhat biased against because I didn’t like some of Google’s policies. But I once tried Chrome with my PC and did enjoy some of the apps.

Getting past my prejudice, I tried Chrome for iOS this morning, which I didn’t even know was possible until today. I thought all things Apple and Android were at odds, period.

The result?

I find that Chrome it is even better than Firefox with an old, slow iPad. I particularly like being able to talk into the iPad for web searches (which is built-in with newer Apple devices). That is great. I like talking into machines so much that I also downloaded the Dragon app, which I have tried before. Dragon is a text-to-speech recognition app. I’m using it right now. I guess I’m just getting lazier and lazier and want to get the work done with the least amount of fuss. But I guess that’s good business.

At any rate, I just wanted to pass on that I like Chrome even better than Firefox. Although I may still use Firefox for some applications. Chrome makes it easy to copy and paste web addresses among, you know, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. So I was able to delete all those apps which were slowing down the iPad. And one of them was crashing way too often.

So things are looking up. I should be getting more news out, more often, to earthpages.org.



Author: Michael Clark

I'm the administrator of Earthpages.org | Earthpages.ca with a Joint Honours B.A. in Psychology/Sociology at York and Trent U, an M.A. in Philosophy and Religion at Visva-Bharati, India, and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at UOttawa.

4 thoughts on “From Firefox to Chrome

  1. i just started using Maxthon on my android. Firefox took too long to load and chrome was too heavy. Adblock plus is built into it and seems a lot faster. Maxthon might be my new android browser. It’s available for ios but this run different on other platforms

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    • Thanks Mike, i just took a look and it looks interesting. I tried Dolphin, which was pretty light but as far as i could tell, i couldnt go into the “view as desktop” mode, which i like. Will definitely give Maxthon a go. A little pressed for time now, so will have to do it tonight.

      This iPad was a gift. It actually belongs to my mother! When i finally fork out for a tablet, it will be either Windows or Andriod. Do not realy like how protectionist Apple is!

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  2. Mike… Just testing it out now. Seems blazing fast. Will probably use it for more tricky operations. I like the colour scheme (skin) too. Thanks… Much appreciated!

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